Code of Ethics

To My Profession, I Promise…

  • I will advocate the highest ideals of integrity, competence and professionalism within the industry. 
  • I will fervently remain truthful and honest in all areas relating to my professional duties and responsibilities. 
  • I will continuously upgrade my knowledge, skills and tool-sets to benefit both me and my future clients. 
  • I will respect and honour existing laws pertaining to Work Health and Safety (WHS) regulation, as well as other codes of practices relating to my client’s industry or profession.

To Myself, I Promise…

  • I will honour my rights as an individual.
  • I will value my expertise and continuously strive to learn more about the art and science of administrative support. 
  • I will always do my best, not only for my client but also for myself, as it motivates me to do better and inspires me to be better.