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ZH Admin Support and Scribe Copywriting are now collaborating to bring you all the best solutions for your administrative needs. “At Scribe, we remove the communication barriers that withhold a business from its’ true potential and ensure that people know exactly who you are and what you do.” – Ben Mackie      Scribe can provide solutions for your […]

Internal Training (In-house)

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Do you need to perform a basic internal training but just don’t know where to start? Don’t Fret! I can help you train and assess your staff.  I can train and assess your employee for small business management and administration competencies.   My Responsibilities: Assist in creating training requirements as you prepare for your staff’s induction, internal training and professional […]

Minutes of the Meeting

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Do you have an upcoming conference meeting that needs to be written into Meeting Minutes? Don’t Fret! I can do this for you. My Responsibilities: Provide a professional Meeting Minutes that are well written, clear, and circulated in a timely manner. My Duties: Request a format (Formal or Informal). Record the meeting in audio or video. Take notes. […]

Internal Audit System Development

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Does your business or organisation require an effective quality control system?   Don’t Fret! Our internal audit system development service will enable you to create a quality control system that is unique and applicable to your industry.   My Responsibilities: Supervise and manage a team of support agents in creating your very own quality control system.   […]

Business Plan Writing

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Are you looking to start a new business but just don’t have the time to create your business plan? Don’t Fret! A team of my support agents will be able to assist you in creating a comprehensive business plans. Or, if you prefer having a less complicated business plan, I can create this one for you. My Responsibilities: Create a […]

Slide Presentation

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Are you looking for someone create Power Point slide presentations for you? Don’t Fret! I can do this for you.   MY RESPONSIBILITIES: Create professional looking, functional, and hyperlinked slide presentations (if necessary).   My Duties: Analyse your written speech or report. Make sure that your slide presentation will be simple (for professional look), with limited bullet points […]


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Do you need someone to do research for you?   Don’t Fret! I can do this for you.   How it works? You can choose the file format of the research document. It could be a Word document, Powerpoint presentation, or in Excel spreadsheets. Email me all the necessary (specific) information that needs to be researched. […]

Creating Business Apps

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Do you need someone to build an app for your business? Don’t Fret! I can create an app for your business through iBuildApp. It is compatible to major mobile platforms such as iOS and Android. How does it work? Choose a template from the following categories that may apply for your business: Commerce, Small Business, […]