Trainer and Assessor

$350.00 $250.00 inc. GST

Are you a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) looking for a part-time trainer?

To purchase a weeks worth of Training and Assessing (equivalent to 40-hours a week), choose 10 as your preferred quantity.

Where quantity 1 is equal to 4 hours. You can also top-up as required.

Why hire a Trainer and Assessor?

  • You can claim a tax deduction for payments made for contractor or subcontractor hire. Ask the ATO or your Tax Agent for more information.
  • Availability at short notice. If not fully booked, I can be at your office soon as the next day.
  • Project-based. This means you can rehire anytime the business requires a trainer and assessor.
  • Reduces costs in recruitment. No need to pay recruitment agencies.

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A trainer is a person who trains people.

The Ultimate Guide to a Career in Training and AssessmentMany trainers work in Australia’ vocational training system. The vocational system is made up of Registered Training Organisations. You may know them as TAFEs, RTOs or even recognise private training institutions like Inspire Education by name. Apprenticeships and traineeships also fall within the scope of the vocational training system.

Trainers are also valued in the workplace. Many organisations employ professional trainers and assessors to teach essential skills such as how to use equipment, how to work safely, how to use work systems or how to deal with customers. Trainers may be involved in inducting, up-skilling or multi-skilling the organisation’s workforce.

Trainers are commonly known as Trainer/Assessors, Trainers & Assessors, VET Teachers, Vocational Teachers, Vocational Trainers, Enterprise Trainers and Workplace Trainers.

A “trainer” may also be referred to as an instructor, teacher, coach, mentor, adviser, counsellor, guide, guru, manager, handler, tutor or educator.