VA Business Coaching

$250.00 $180.00 inc. GST

VA Business Coaching

What you can expect within a month of coaching sessions:

  • 6 x 1 hour one on one coaching sessions (held weekly)
  • Unlimited live chat or email support between sessions

With our one to one weekly coaching sessions, together, we will identify your goals and objective. During our live chat or email support sessions, we will assess any roadblocks and strategies on how to slowly tear them down, brick by brick.


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Few people are as confident as they would like to be. Yet self-confidence is very important because it shows in everything we do and this is why most people who decided to set up their own VA business will need their very own dedicated mentor.

The good news is this … the way you think of yourself is only a premise. It’s simply an idea in your mind that you’ve built your entire personality on. And you can change that idea any time you want.

If you’d like to be more confident in one or more areas of your life, this will surely help. It provides simple ways to quickly change how you think of yourself, and earn more respect and attention from others in the process. My VA Business Coaching is for you. I know what it takes to build that dream and work with your ideal clients.