Hi, my name is Zean HowellI am a business professional, career adviser, and wellness advocate. 

Being a career-motivated person, I have found myself anxious and stressed throughout the years. The work environment I have chosen has encouraged me to  have an open mind and explore various modalities. 


I purposely created this website to support people in need of counselling and direction. 

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Imagine having a thriving career or a successful business that provides financial stability, opportunity to effectively motivate others, and still being able to maintain a healthy heart-mind-body.


Anything is possible! We manifest our beliefs into reality. If you are saying YES to all I mentioned above and currently in need of guidance, I can help you be more independent, take ownership of your mental health and well being. 

Together, I can show you how to:

  • overcome self-limiting beliefs

  • build and maintain productive habits 

  • become outcome-oriented when it comes to tackling personal growth, managing career, and business goals

  • create a clam safe environment from within

  • learn meditative techniques to calm the mind

  • utilise self-hypnosis as a tool to program productive habits

  • discover various modalities by meeting professionals within my circle

  • connect with a community that promotes wellness and spiritual healing

In order to live a fulfilling life, you will have to understand how to:

  • effectively sharpen your mind... to achieve cognitive development

  • nurture your body... to achieve physical development

  • instinctively tap into your soul...to achieve spiritual development

We will then explore:

  • hidden trauma to undo self-limiting habits and beliefs

  • unique meditative practices in order to honour your body, and lastly

  • life's purpose in order to calm the mind, control the thoughts, and balance the cognitive, rational, intuitive, and instinctive parts of your brain

Meditation and spiritual journey


Career management and development

Identifying and achieving personal goals

Inner growth and mental health

  • Exploring your skills & expertise and how you can upsell yourself.


    70 Australian dollars
  • Train your brain to reduce stress, improve focus, and concentration.

    Sat, Sun

    21 Australian dollars