Hi, my name is Zean Howell. I am a Career Adviser | Business Strategist | Wellness Advocate | Reiki Master | Hypnotherapist | Liquid Crystal Practitioner

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Imagine having a thriving career or a successful business that provides financial stability, opportunity to effectively motivate others, and still being able to maintain a healthy heart-mind-body.


Anything is possible! We manifest our beliefs into reality.

If you are saying YES to all I mentioned above and in need of guidance, I can help you be more independent, take ownership of your mental health and well being. 

Together, I can show you how to:

  • overcome self-limiting beliefs

  • build and maintain productive habits 

  • become outcome oriented when it comes to tackling personal growth, managing career and business goals

  • create a clam safe environment from within

  • learn meditative techniques to calm the mind

  • utilise self hypnosis as a tool to overcome fears and trauma

  • discover various modalities 

  • connect with a community that promotes wellness and spiritual healing

Meditation and Spiritual Journey


Career Management and Development

Business Strategies and Budgetary Guidance

Inner Growth and Mental Health

  • Train your brain to reduce stress, improve focus, and concentration.

    Saturday, Sunday

    1 hr


  • A tarot reading using a Shadow Truth spread.

    Tuesday, Thursday

    30 min


  • Using The Liquid Crystal (TLC) cards


    1 hr


  • Through mentoring and counselling sessions

    Mon, Wed, Fri

    1 hr


All sessions must be pre-booked at least 24 hours prior. Any questions? contact us.

Z.HOWELL © 2020