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Z.Howell provides support to people with disabilities, elderlies, and disadvantaged individuals in need of guidance, representation, and connection with credible support service providers within the community.

Founded and led by Zean Howell, Z.Howell's coordination of community health and welfare supports embodies Zean's commitment to making a positive impact on disabled, aging, and disadvantaged individuals. Zean’s extensive expertise ensures that clients receive top-tier support, guidance, and advocacy to address their unique needs and challenges.


Z.Howell community projects are known for their comprehensive and professional approach to advocacy. Along with a network of experienced and compassionate professionals in the NDIS, Aged Care, and Veterans Home Care industries, Z.Howell specialises in a range of areas, including coordination of support services, community welfare volunteering, professional career coaching, and business management consulting.


What sets Z.Howell apart is Zean's tireless dedication to the principles of compassion, companionship, and care. Whether it's advocating for the rights of individuals with disabilities, coordinating services, volunteering within the community, or offering mentorship and guidance in various professional domains, Z.Howell stands as a beacon of support and empowerment for those in need of guidance in accessing the appropriate and credible support providers and formal advocacy service providers. 

Let's collaborate and connect!

Volunteering and disability advocacy


Business management and professional development

Identifying and achieving short-term and long-term goals

Inner growth and mental health


My name is Zean Howell

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My name is Zean Howell. I am an accomplished business innovator who is purpose-driven, supportive, and highly dedicated.

I’ve accumulated over a decade of experience in achieving multiple strategic achievements in administration systems, human resources, financial reporting, marketing, and business management as prescribed by ISO 9001, and ISO 45001. All of which enabled me to perform my chosen profession effectively.

I am a woman of many talents and passions. I dedicate my whole life to supporting people in need of compassion, companionship, and care.


Whether it be through coordination of NDIS, Aged Care, or VHC supports, community welfare volunteering, professional career development, or business management, I am interested to connect and collaborate with you!

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Protection of your Privacy

We protect your privacy and will always request for your consent to share or be represented by us.

Conflict of Interest Policy

We will refer you to the appropriate support service providers and NDAP formal advocates if required. 

NDIS Code of Conduct

We abide by the NDIS Quality and Safety Commission codes of conduct and its guidelines.

Aged Care Code of Conduct
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Zean took over a client who was having complex home modifications undertaken. She is professional in her manner in talking with contractors and the participant.

Zean was studious in her abilities in dealings with the OT and other allied health professionals which the client expressed his delight on numerous occasions.


Her understanding of the tasks that a support coordinator does is fantastic and best of all she listens to the client.

Sharon M.

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