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Uncovering the Truth

Z.Howell will meet with you in person to discuss your personal goals, objectives, and support needs. 

Finding your truth is part of the journey...

The hardest part of finding your truth is accepting the real you - the raw, the ugly, and the unconventional.  

The perception of others does not define you. You create your own limitation. Whenever you believe you can't, you'll never will.


Most often, as Angeles Arrien Ph.D., in his book The Four-Fold Way, “…human beings universally abandon themselves for five major reasons:

  1. for someone’s love,

  2. for someone’s acceptance and approval,

  3. to keep the peace,

  4. to maintain balance, or

  5. to stay in a state of harmony

Honouring your truth is one step closer to realising your dreams, values and beliefs.

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